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Over the past decade, healthcare has been undergoing a transition to “value-based care” where providers and hospitals are rewarded for the quality of the care they provide rather than just the ‘volume’ of medical services provided. This shift requires physicians to have access to more information about their patients and the necessary resources to support their patient’s healthcare needs.

Sequent Health Physician Partners provides the technology and infrastructure to participating physicians to manage large populations of patients. Sequent is able to identify patients with healthcare needs and provide physicians with the additional resources to support their patients.

Sequent offers a number clinical services to support patient’s needs.

Need A Physician?

Quality Program

Quality measures are evidence-based ‘standards’ that help indicate whether is a patient population is getting the medical care they need. Sequent’s clinical team identifies patients that qualify for quality measures and assists physicians to reach out to patients with “gaps in care.” Patients may be contacted directly by a staff member or by an automated phone call or email.

There are several examples of quality measures:

  • Mammograms
  • Colorectal cancer screenings
  • Cervical cancer screenings
  • Medications – e.g. statins for diabetes or cardio vascular disease
  • Diabetes – HbA1c tests to measure blood sugar level, diabetic eye exams, etc.
  • Flu shots or other vaccinations
  • Annual wellness exam with primary care physician

Care Coordination

Sequent Care Managers reach out to patients after they have been discharged from hospital-stays or emergency room visits.  The purpose is to ensure patients understand the discharge instructions they received while in the hospital and ensure the transition to their physician’s care goes smoothly.  The Care Manager will work with the patient to ensure they obtain prescribed medications, schedule any follow-up ancillary tests and answer any questions.  The Care Manager will also coordinate with the patient’s physician to assist scheduling any follow-up visits.

Care Management

Sequent identifies patients with chronic disease or with complex health conditions to enroll them in an ongoing care management program. RN Care Managers are assigned to patients to help them better understand their medical conditions and to identify ways to manage their health. The RN Care Manager will set up a mutually convenient time for ongoing phone calls to develop a care plan then work with the patient to meet their health goals.

All of these additional support services are available to patients without charge to them or their health plan. They are simply added benefits by selecting a Sequent primary care physician.

Privia Virtual Clinic

Sequent has teamed up with Privia Virtual Clinic to provide patients access to telehealth services when they cannot get into their physician’s office or urgent care center. Privia Virtual Clinic is a cutting-edge platform that provides personalized, convenient, and affordable virtual healthcare services to patients.

With Privia Virtual Clinic, patients can consult with a board-certified provider from the comfort of their home or office, at a time that is convenient for them. Privia’s experienced providers are available 24/7 to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions and urgent care needs. Following a virtual visit, the patient’s primary care physician will be notified and subsequently receive an encounter summary of the visit.

Privia Virtual Clinic offers affordable pricing, and many of their services are covered by most major insurance plans.

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