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Partnership Benefits

Sequent Health Physician Partners is a clinically integrated network interested in developing strategic partnerships with health plans to provide higher quality, more cost-effective medical care to their membership.

The bottom line is better patient health. And healthier patients consume less expensive medical care. As a clinically integrated network (CIN), Sequent Health Physician Partners provides both patients and physicians with the tools information and incentives they need to make more rational, value-based health care decisions, and the result is superior clinical outcomes. That's the fundamental advantage of Sequent Health, and it's a benefit that accrues to the patient, the doctor, the payer and the community.

Payers who partner with Sequent are likely to realize the following benefits:

  • Increasingly competitive insurance offerings
  • Continuous improvements in access, quality and clinical outcomes
  • Continuous oversight and optimization of service utilization
  • Continuous reduction in health care expenditures
  • The ability to offer access to a high quality, cost-effective provider network without having to assemble "narrow networks"
  • Increased customer satisfaction (both beneficiary and employer)
  • Collaborative provider relationships focused on addressing high priority access, quality, cost or utilization issues
  • More engaged and informed patients/beneficiaries
  • Increased support for patients to engage in self-management activities
  • Single signature contracting with a broad, high quality provider network
  • The ability to engage in increasing levels of risk-based contracting over time
Provider Network

Sequent has taken an inclusive approach to inviting providers from the medical community to participate in the clinically integrated network. Providers must meet the professional qualifications set by the Membership and Credentialing Committee to participate in the network and maintain quality performance standards established by the Quality Credentialing Committee to participate in the network and maintain quality performance standards established by the Quality Committee to remain in the network.

Provider agree to actively participate in clinical initiatives to further Sequent Health's value-based mission, including:

  • Documents clinical services to allow for efficient and accurate performance measurement
  • Provide access to data contained within practice-based information systems
  • Grant Sequent Health the authority to receive data from third parties (i.e. payer claims)

As of January 2016, Sequent Health has 534 participating providers in the network, including 142 primary care physicians (inclusive of ObGyn), 222 specialty care physicians and 170 advanced clinical practitioners. While recruiting efforts are ongoing, the network represents 27 specialties across more than 100 medical groups. In 2015, Sequent had a 59 percent growth in the number of physicians and a 153 percent increase in the number of practices joining the network GHS's employed physician group, Gwinnett Medical Group, plays a prominent role in Sequent comprising 34 percent of the 321 physicians. The remaining physicians come from community medical groups of varying size and affiliation.

Sequent Provider Network

Sequent Health Physician Partners is a physician-led, professionally managed clinically integrated network. Sequent was established through the collaborative efforts of Gwinnett Health System (GHS) and more than 40 employed and independent physician leaders. Sequent is the result of a shared vision among these physician leaders to bring a more coordinated, comprehensive and competitive health care product to the communities and patients that they serve. Sequent is committed to a physician-led transformation of the health care delivery system that will result in higher quality, more cost-effective care.

The focus of the organization is to effectively improve health care in our community by:

  • Establishing clinical quality standards and measuring outcomes for patient populations
  • Improving the coordination of care for patients by creating an infrastructure that enable providers to share actionable clinical data
  • Reducing health care costs by more effectively managing utilization of resources
  • Providing an array of business services that support physicians in private practice

It is Sequent's intent to establish a multispecialty provider network capable of efficiently and effectively managing the vast majority of the health care needs of the patients in the communities that the network serves. Sequent has been established with consideration for Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Justice guidance to allow the CIN to achieve a level of clinical integration that will permit Sequent to engage in joint contracting with commercial health plans.

Sequent has already committed with a national commercial payer to participate in their value-based program that would increase the value of health care services offered to their members. Based on the progress that Sequent has made in clinically integrating the providers in the network, Sequent's leadership feels the organization is prepared to formally engage with other commercial health plans for fee-for-service and value-based arrangements.


In January 2016, Sequent began the operational phase of its development. In order to develop the experience and competencies necessary to effectively coordinate and manage a population's health, Sequent began working with the GHS employee health plan. GHS provides health coverage for over 7,400 enrollees that participate in one of several consumer-driven health plan options. The Sequent network is the tier 1 provider for the health plan and is committed to improving the quality of care and lowering health care costs to the plan.

Sequent is committed to making the necessary investment in infrastructure and support systems to ensure meaningful impact on behavior and clinical outcomes.