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Sequent Health Physician Partners understands that employers of all sizes have a common goal-to get more value for their health care dollar. You need good health benefits to attract the best employees, and it needs to be cost effective to remain financially viable.

By coordinating the efforts of its participating physicians and hospitals, and providing them with the resources that they need to continuously improve the quality and cost-efficiency of care, Sequent can offer employers the following benefits:

  • Increased employee satisfaction as a result of:
    • More convenient access to providers
    • A more coordinated health care experience across providers
    • An increased understanding of their health status
    • An improved ability to manage their own health
    • Higher quality care with superior outcomes
  • Improved employee health resulting in:
    • Decreased absenteeism
    • Increased productivity
    • A more positive working environment
    • Access to a high-value provider within their communities
  • The potential to directly engage in single signature contracting with a value-conscious healthcare network